Creating a VG Almanac character in The Elder Scrolls Online

Today, a new hero rises, one that seeks to offer guidance on all your TES:O needs. Today “VG Almanac” rises in Tamriel, ready to quest every quest, collect every collectable (Skyshards/Lorebooks) and explore every land. The world of Tamriel is vast and open, like an unwritten book. Join VG Almanac as we delve deep into the heart of TES:O and all it has to offer us. Here is a speedrun video of our character being forged:

The aim of the game:

“VG Almanac” is a Dark-Elf, Nightblade, Damage Dealer. I aim to fully explore all of the areas of Summerset first with VG, then I will take her to other areas of Tamriel. First up, expect to see all the main quests been walked through, one-by-one. Then I will begin grabbing all of the Skyshards and Lorebooks. Finally, we will complete the area with side quests, dungeons/trials and the best way to work through the area. So, without any further ado, let us begin our VG Almanac journey into The Elder Scrolls Online!

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