Fallout 4 | Episode 1 – War Never Changes…

Welcome to a brand new series of Tat’s Play, starring yours truly and the epic Action/Adventure RPG, Fallout 4. Fallot 4 is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the Boston Commonwealth after a nuclear war. However, we aren’t here to talk about Fallout 4 as a product, we’re here to discuss this season of the Tat’s Play. You can watch the full, edited episode right here on the site, or over on our YouTube channel. All episodes are live streamed every night and you can either watch them live or catch-up through YouTube. What sets this Tat’s Play apart from others? Well, I’m painstakingly going through each live-stream afterwards to crop out the boring bits and focus this Tat’s Play purely on Combat, Gameplay and Storytelling.

Episode 1 – War Never Changes…

War? War never changes… Meet Tat, an ex-soldier now living in peace in a nuclear haven. Life as a family man with his wife, Nora, and newborn Son, Shaun, is assisted daily by their robotic housemaid Codsworth. Despite Tat’s plans for the day, war never changes…


After giving the character Tat a reasonable look for a misunderstood hero, I decided it was time to press play. Interestingly, I’ve played Fallout 4 a few times (as well as New Vegas and Fallout 3). Honestly speaking, I’ve never really strayed too far from my own comforts. I usually go for an all-gunning, super-lucky play-style with a strong focus on V.A.T.S. However, this time I’ve decided to make Charisma my primary focus. Opening up vast amounts of dialogue to explore and ultimately make the series a more narrative-driven experience for the viewer.


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