Fallout 4 | Episode 2 – Out Of Time

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Welcome back for another Episode of the Fallout 4 Tat’s Play. Following on from Episode 1 – War Never Changes, Out Of Time, promises some action, some touching narrative and everyone’s favourite Mr. Handy, Codsworth! What sets this Tat’s Play apart from others? Well, I’m painstakingly going through each live-stream afterwards to crop out the boring bits and focus this Tat’s Play purely on Combat, Gameplay and Storytelling. You can watch the full, edited episode right here on the site, or over on our YouTubechannel.

Episode 2 – Out Of Time

In this episode we see Tat awaken from his cryogenic sleep to find his wife dead and his baby son missing. Now, Tat must find a way out of this vault…


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