Our Picks – Top Ten Retro Game Soundtracks

In the battle of graphics vs gameplay there is of course only one winner. For every dire but pretty Rise of the Robots, there is a superior if plainer looking Sensible Soccer.

But what about music? It is not as immediately striking as visuals of course and certainly not as important as gameplay. But a good soundtrack can really add to the immersive experience, helping to take the player on a journey.

But what makes a good soundtrack? What helps a game stand out from the crowd? Join us on a journey through gaming’s musical past as we look at some of best soundtracks of all time.


1) This is a retrogaming feature, so the line has been drawn at the PS2.

2) Only games that I have personally played make the list. No adding franchises just because they are popular. If I haven’t experienced it and enjoyed it first hand, it doesn’t go in.

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