Postal Dude Interview (Rick Hunter and Corey Cruise) – The Cyber Den

Whether he’s firebombing a marching band, using a cat as a gun silencer, or robbing armed-and-dangerous child movie stars, the eponymous Postal Dude of the Postal series always stands on top of whatever bizarre events occur in his life while proudly sticking to his mantra: “I regret nothing!”

Siren Radio’s video game-centric show The Cyber Den was the first ever show in the entire world to interview both voice actors of the Postal Dude. Rick Hunter has voiced the dude since the series’ inception in 1996, and talks in detail about his performance, reprising the role after a decade in Postal II: Paradise Lost, and more.

Rick Hunter Interview

Corey Cruise voiced the Postal Dude in Postal III, a title deemed as one of the worst games ever made, and one that series creators Running With Scissors had little involvement with, in terms of game development (not like they’re unashamed of it). Nevertheless, Cruise reprised his role as the ‘Other Dude’ in Postal II: Paradise Lost. Cruise shares a bit of insight into his previous work prior to the Postal series, as well as his participation in the third game and beyond.

Corey Cruise Interview

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