reDISCoverGaming (A brand new gaming channel)

Hey everyone! I’m Mark, from my brand new channel reDISCoverGaming and I am new here myself, just like the channel is, but due to the kindness and generosity of Edd, and my own fantastic ass-kissing skills, as just displayed, I have been encouraged to put up some posts to share my channel!

So, the question on 7 billion pairs of lips, what is reDISCoverGaming and why is it different from every other channel? Well hopefully some of the answers are here:

But for a quick summary, I now have the opportunity to play a pretty extensive games library that I havent been able to for a few years, and I want to, obviously, rediscover gaming, and my love for it, one game at a time! I figured I’ve always wanted to have some kind of channel so why not have one sharing my experiences with something I love, and maybe introduce some people to some new games along the way!

And for anyone who would like to take a look, here is a taste of the first episode, of my first series, reDISCovering Surgeon Simulator 2013!

All I can do now is unashamedly ask anyone who likes any of the above, or the other episodes you can see on my channel, to like, subscribe, share and offer any thoughts and feelings in the way of feedback! Thank you and enjoy!

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