The Mind Trap | Walkthrough | Summerset | The Elder Scrolls Online

Our tutorial and our first quest, The Mind Trap, will start in the Eldbur Sanctuary. This tutorial is in written format and in video format.

Look around:

For this objective, simply use the Right Analogue Stick (RS) to look around. Tap the down arrow on the directional pad to change between first and third person view.

Move toward Oriandra:

Simply use the Left Analogue Stick (LS) to move towards Oriandra.

Take the Sword:

Next, you must walk up to the stone altar, besides Oriandra. Press the X Button to interact with your world, in this case, press X to take the sword resting on the altar. Take the Forgotten Adventurer’s Sword to continue.

Equip the Forgotten Adventurer’s Greatsword:

This requires you to go into your menu and equip the weapon you have just taken. Press the Options button on your controller to bring up the menu. From the menu, select Inventory (you can use navigate this menu up and down). From Inventory you want to select the Weapons – Main Hand, Press X on Main Hand, select the Forgotten Adventurer’s Sword with X to equip it. (The Sword transformed from Forgotten Adventurer’s Sword to Forgotten Adventurer’s Greatsword for me, it may remain just a Sword for you, the instruction remain the same)

Exit the Ruin:

Next, follow the quest objective West to a closed door, Oriandra will say something about you needing to see for yourself before she can tell you more, she dissolves the door and you can now exit the ruin.

Find Oriandra:

Once you exit the ruin, head down the stairs and turn left, follow this corridor. You will come to a small area, where the game will give you a combat tutorial.

Engage the Enemy:

When the enemy is close, tap R2 for a light attack.

Block and Heavy attack:

When the enemy charges their attack, they will glow yellow. Hold L2 to block, then when they are stunned, hold R2 to charge a heavy attack, release R2 to hit the enemy.

Interrupt and Heavy Attack:

When the enemy charges their attack, get close, hold L2 to block and tap R2 to bash and interrupt the enemy. Then follow up with a charged attack (Hold R2) to knock the enemy down. Do this whenever an enemy glows red because these attacks cannot be blocked.

Follow Oriandra:

Now follow Oriandra through a corridor, she will talk to you as you run. Eventually, Oriandra will stop at the end of the path.

Jump off the Precipice:

Geronimo! for this objective, simply jump into the water below you.

Reach the Tower:

Now just head Westwards across the field towards the giant structure. You might have to fight a few enemies along the way, but eventually, you will reach a door that says “The Tower”, press X to interact and open the door.

Examine the Abyssal Pearl:

Walk over to the Pearl in the middle of the room, interact with the pearl by pressing X.

Defeat the Yaghra Nightmare:

Put everything you’ve learned into beating this easy boss. Remember to block, heavy attack and keep moving. Avoid the enemies attacks and keep hacking until dead.

Destroy Abyssal Pearl:

Tap X on the Abyssal Pearl and you will be teleported to the Island of Summerset.

Talk to Oriandra:

Once you arrive in Summerset, in the same room will be Oriandra, talk to her to claim your quest reward. Congratulations, you have now completed The Mind Trap.

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